PCS 1x System

Why in news?

  • Indian Ports Association (IPA) under the guidance of Ministry of Shipping launched the Port Community System ‘PCS1x’ with url indianpcs.gov.in.
  • The platform has the potential to revolutionize maritime trade in India and bring it at par with global best practices and pave the way to improve the Ease of Doing Business world ranking and Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranks.

PCS 1x:

  • ‘PCS 1x’ is a cloud based new generation technology, with user-friendly interface.
  • This system seamlessly integrates 8 new stakeholders besides the 19 existing stakeholders from the maritime trade on a single platform.
  • The platform offers value added services such as notification engine, workflow, mobile application, track and trace, better user interface, better security features, improved inclusion by offering dashboard for those with no IT capability.
  • A unique feature of ‘PCS1x’ is that it can latch on to third party software which provides services to the maritime industry thereby enabling the stakeholders to access wide network of services.
  • Another major feature is the deployment of a world class state of the art payment aggregator solution which removes dependency on bank specific payment eco system.

Features of this Portal:

  • This system will enable trade to have an improved communication with the customs as they have also embarked on Application Programming Interface (API) based architecture, thereby enabling real time interaction.
  • This System offers a database that acts as a single data point to all transactions.
  • It captures and stores data on its first occurrence thereby reducing manual intervention, the need to enter transaction data at various points and thereby reducing errors in the process.
  • It is estimated that this feature alone will reduce 11/2 to 2 days in a life of transaction.
  • The application will have a cascading effect in reducing dwell time and overall cost of transaction.
  • A major training and outreach program is under way to educate the stakeholders about the uses and benefits of ‘PCS 1x’.
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