Prelims level : Environment EN2 Biodiversity Mains level : GS3: Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.
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What is Plan Bee?

  • Plan Bee, is an amplifying system imitating the buzz of a swarm of honey bees to keep wild elephants away from Railway Tracks.


  • For Plan Bee, Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) earned the best innovation award in Indian Railways for the 2018­19 fiscal year.

Why Plan Bee?

  • There are 29 earmarked elephant corridors with the operating zone of NFR spread across the north-eastern states and parts of Bihar and West Bengal.
  • Trains are required to slow down at these corridors and adhere to speed specified on signs
  • But elephants have ventured into the path of trains even in non ­corridor areas, often leading to accidents resulting in elephant deaths.

About Elephant:

  • Elephant as National Heritage Animal of India in 2010
  • The status was recommended by a task force on elephant project

Types of Elephant:

  • Indian Elephant: elephas maximus indicus
  • Sri Lankan Elephant: elephas maximus maxicus
  • Mainland Asian Elephants: elephas maximus sumatranus
  • Conservation of Elephants in India – Project Elephant:
  • There are 30 thousand elephants spread across 16 Elephant states in India.
  • Maximum number of elephants is in Kerala, followed by Karnataka and Assam.

Three key areas:

  • 1. Protection of wild elephants, their habitat and corridors
  • 2. Address the issue of man-animal conflict and
  • 3. Welfare of domesticated elephants
  • This Project Elephant is being implemented in 13 states.

Elephant Reserves:

  • There are a total of 28 elephant reserves.
  • ERs, maximum number is in Assam and Odisha with five each.

Elephant Corridors:

  • 183 identified elephant corridors in India
  • State corridors: maximum number of them are located in Meghalaya
  • Among, inter-state corridors, maximum are shared by Jharkhand and Odisha
  • Maximum International corridors India shares with Bangladesh
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