Prelims Practice Questions 23-05-2019 (Test 10)

1. 2.Consider the following statements regarding MPC
1.It will be a six-member panel, which will include three nominees of the government and three members of the Reserve Bank including the Governor who has veto power.
2.Members of the MPC will be appointed for a period of four years and shall not be eligible for reappointment.
which of the above statement is correct:


2. Which of the following are the special benefits for opening bank accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojna (PMJDY)?


3. Consider the following statements with respect to ‘Capital Adequacy ratio (CAR)
1. It measures a bank’s capital in relation to its risk-weighted assets.
2. CAR of 9% is prescribed under the Basel III norms
Select the correct statements


4. The term ‘Economic Capital Framework (ECF)’ was in news recently in the context of


5. with reference to insolvency process,consider which of the following is/are correct.?
1. a situation when someone (an individual or a company) can’t pay what they owe on time; or the value of their assets is less than the money they owe.
2.the law (mainly the Insolvency act 1986) sets out a number of formal legal processesfor people and companies.


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