Prelims Practice Questions 23-05-2019 (Test 9)

1. consider the following,
1.Hojagiri is a dance performed by the Reang tribe of Tripura. The performance involves three to four young women balancing themselves on an earthen pitcher. They also balance an earthen lamp on the hand and bottle on the head.
2. It is performed during Lakshmi Puja for appeasing and worshipping goddess Mailuma. Jhum cultivation process is depicted through this dance. Each performer uses a cane article used for cleaning rice, handkerchief, traditional lamp, a kalash and a bottle.
Which of the above statement is wrong


2. “Garia Puja festival” is celebrated in which of the following States?


3. The “Vasantatosavam” the annual festival conducted in the month of April of the State:


4. with reference to bihu ,consider the following

1.Bihu is a traditional folk dance practiced widely in the state of Assam.
2.The dance involves crisp dance steps and swift hand movement. Traditional and colorful Assamese clothing is adorned by the dancers. Both women and men perform Bihu dance on the occasion of Bihu festival.
Which of the above statement is correct


5. consider the following,
1.Cheraw is the bamboo dance performed by the people of Mizoram. Bamboos are held criss cross by four female performers while the male performers step in and out of the moving bamboo sticks according to the rhythm.
2.It is believed to be one of the oldest dances of Mizoram. Almost all the occasions in Mizoram are incomplete without the Cheraw dance.
Which of the above statement is wrong


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