Prelims Practice Questions 29-04-2019

1. Which of the following statements is not correct?


2. Consider the following statements:
(1). P & S waves are known as primary wave and secondary wave respectively
(2). P Waves are slower than S waves
(3). S Waves can travel only through sold materials
(4). P Waves vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the wave, where as S waves vibrate parallel to the direction of the wave.
(5). Surface waves are least destructive.


3. Which of the following factors are responsible for formation of hot deserts?
(1). The Presence of Horse latitudes adjacent to them
(2). The rain bearing trade winds blow off shore
(3). On Shore westerlies blow out of the reach of the deserts
(4). On Shore westerlies which reach of the deserts lose their humidity as they come form cooler places to the hot deserts


4. Which one of the following is not correct about the Masai tribe?


5. Which of the following statements is / are not correct?
(1). All the planets revolve around the sun counter clockwise in elliptical paths know as orbits.
(2). All planets rotate in the same direction in which they revolve except Mercury and Uranus.
(3). As the distance of the planet from the Sun increases, the time taken by it to complete one revolution also increases.


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