Prelims Practice Questions 29-04-2019

1. Consider the following statements:
(1). It is the largest river system of the Peninsular India
(2). Its left bank tributaries are more is numbers and larger in size than the right bank tributaries
(3). It delta is of Lobate type with a round bulge and many distributaries.
(4). It is navigable up to a distance of 300kms from its mouth.


2. Consider the following statements:
(1). It thrives well in tropical and sub-tropical areas
(2). It requires 24oc to 30oc of temperature
(3). Its growth is faster under light shade.
(4). Its growth an annual rainfall of 150cm to 250 cm well distributed throughout the year.
(5). The Deep friable loams or virgin forest soils acidic in nature and rich in organic matter are preferred.
Which of the following crop grows well in the above said conditions?


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