Prelims Practice Questions 29-04-2019

1. Which of the following statements regarding the constitution is / are correct?
(1). It generates a degree of bond in people to live together
(2). It defines the powers of the government
(3). It does not lay down limits on the powers of the government
(4). It express the aspiration of the people about creating a good society.


2. ‘Right to Constitutional Remedy’ has been called as ‘heart and soul’ of the constitution. Consider these statements and choose incorrect statements.
(1). When any of the fundamental right is violated, remedy can be sought through any court in the country.
(2). Fundamental rights are normally enforceable against state only.


3. Some states enjoy a special status. Consider the following statements in regard to Art 370 which regulates the constitutional position of J & K with Union and choose the correct ones.
(1). Part IV and Part IV A are not applicable to the state.
(2). Financial emergency cannot be imposed in J & K
(3). Under integrated judicial system, High court of J & K can issue writs for enforcement of fundamental rights as well as for violation of rights.


4. Which ones are not covered under CAT (Central Administrative Tribunals)?
(1). The all India services and the central Civil Services
(2). Secretarial staff of Parliament
(3). Members of Defence forces
(4). Officers and servants of supreme Court


5. What is not true of UPSC?


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