Prelims Practice Questions 30-04-2019 – Test 2

1. What was the essence of the 24th Amendment to the constitution of India?


2. An Amicus Curiae is?


3. Which one is not correct interpretation against the protection under article 20?


4. What is part of right against exploitation given in articles 23 and 24?

1. Abolition of trafficking in human beings
2. Abolition of Begar (forced labor)
3. Abolition of employment of children below the age of 14 years in dangerous jobs like factories and mines.
4. Abolition of employment without payment even for compulsory services or for public purposes.


5. Right to life and personal liberty under Art 21 has been interpreted liberally and expanded which of the following are covered by Art 21?

1. Right to travel abroad
2. Freedom of Movement in India
3. Right to primary education and rights of a person arrested
4. Right to suicide and mercy killing


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