Prelims Practice Questions 30-04-2019 – Test 4

1. Which one is untrue regarding the difference between Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha


2. Which ones are correct regarding the writs?

1. Mandamus concerns action / inaction by some state authority
2. Haebius Corpus is used as a last resort
3. Certiorary is issued to both to call a case pending with a subordinate court and also to quash an order issued by the subordinate court.
4. The Writ of Quo warranto can not be filed by any interested party other than an aggrieved party.


3. Power sharing is good because:

1. It helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups
2. To Ensure the stability of political order
3. It is the very spirit of democracy


4. The President is the head of the state. Consider the following statements.

1. The president supervises the overall functioning of all political institution in the country
2. He is elected by all the MPs and MLAs
3. All the major appointments are made in the name of the President and all Government activities takes place in his name
Which of these statements are correct?


5. What is true of Leader of the Opposition?

1. Belongs to largest opposition party in Lok Sabha
2. This party should have attained not less than one tenth seats of the total strength of the house
3. The Post got a statutory recognition in 1977
4. Attends cabinet meetings and gets salary allowances and other facilities of a cabinet minister


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