Row erupts over naming Bogibeel bridge in Assam

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  • A row over an apt name has hit the 4.94-km Bogibeel, India’s longest rail and road bridge, to be inaugurated by Prime Minister on Christmas Day.


  • The demand of the Tai-Ahom community is that the bridge should be named after Chaolong Siu-ka-pha, who founded the Ahom kingdom in Assam more than 600 years ago.
  • According to them, naming the bridge after Swargadeo (emperor) Chaolung Siu-ka-pha could only be a better choice as he had united all the communities living in this land to constitute the greater Assamese society
  • The demand of the Assam government is to name the bridge as Birangana Sati Sadhani Setu, the last queen of the kingdom controlled by the Chutia community.
  • The Ahoms and Chutias had fought for territorial control for more than 150 years during the medieval period. It ended in the 1600s with the Ahoms taking over the Chutia domain.
  • Two indigenous communities — Deuri and Mising — also want the bridge to be named after their leaders. While the Deuris want it to be named after Bhimbor Deuri, the Misings insist that the best name would be Swahid Kamala Miri.
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