Saeck-Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

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In news:

  • The Home Ministry, as part of a pilot project, will initially procure 3,960 rape investigation kits at a cost of ₹ 79.20 lakh, and 100 such kits will be given to each State and U.T. This SAECK is also called as rape investigation kit


  • These kits will help investigating officers to start immediate medico-legal investigation and help provide further evidence in cases of sexual assault and rape.
  • The kits will have all the essential items required in providing crucial evidence such as blood and semen samples in such cases.
  • The kit will contain a set of test tubes and bottles, with details of contents and specifications along with instructions on collection of evidence from the crime scene.
  • These kits will then be sent to the closest forensic laboratory to provide the results within two months.
  • Initially, at least three kits will be provided to each of the 15,640  police  stations  in  the country after which the number would be gradually increased. The cost would be shared jointly by the Centre and the respective states.

Necessary of the Kits:

  • At times the forensic laboratories receive compromised evidence that is why there is a need to distribute the rape investigation kits to all police stations for collecting the timely crucial evidence against the accused and get justice to the victim
  • With usage of the Nirbhaya fund and with the help of the Ministry of Home Affairs, we are building five new forensic laboratories across the country that will increase the capacity from 1,500 to 20,000 persons.
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