Prelims level : Mains level : GS II- Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements Involving India and / or affecting India’s interests. [GS2Q] [IR3I]
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What is SCO?

  • Shanghai Cooperation Agreement is otherwise known as SCO.
  • It is an intergovernmental international organization founded in 15 June 2001 at Shanghai, China.
  • Founding Members: Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan.
  • India and Pakistan were granted full member status in the organization in 2017.
  • The Heads of the State Council (also known as HSC) is the supreme decision-making body.
  • It meets once in a year.
  • Official languages: Russian and Chinese.
  • Apart from the HSC, The Heads of Government Council meets once in a year to approve the budget, multilateral cooperation strategy, priority areas and other issues.
  • RATS: Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure. It is a part of SCO. All the members of SCO are also members of RATS. It supports coordination and cooperation of competent bodies of SCO’s members states to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism.

SCO Summit 2019:

  • Location: Bishkek, Kyrgystan

India’s stand:

  • Indian delegation to the summit headed by the Prime Minister openly criticized trade protectionism and unilateralism in the global economy.
  • Trade protectionism: It refers to government actions and policies that restrict or restrain international trade often adopted to protect the interest of its domestic market. Recently,U.S President Donald Trump had taken up policies towards protectionism. This embarked protests from China and other nations across the globe. Unilateralism: It refers to trade policies adopted by a country without any regard for other nations. Such a policy would only benefit the nation adopting it. For example, imposition of tariffs, trade restrictions etc. Recently, both U.S and China imposed high tariffs on others’ products.
  • Bishkek Declaration: Stressed on the importance of deepening cooperation to build a transparent and stable environment.
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