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Why in News?

Researchers at Delhi’s National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) have designed a low-pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD) device that allows high quality, single-layer graphene.


  • The thickness of a single layer is 0.34 nanometre and average grain size of graphene is 1-3 micrometre. Though there are about one billion grains in 4×2 square-inch single-layer graphene, the grains are highly connected to give a single continuous layer of graphene.
  • The quality of the single-layer graphene grown using this device is superior than the ones reported in the literature.
  • The quality of the single-layer graphene is metrology-grade, and can be used in next-generation quantum devices.
  • The graphene was grown on a substrate made of copper, which acts as a catalyst.
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