Successful flight test of PRAHAR

Prelims level : Prahar Missile Mains level : Utility of Prahar Missile in Army’s arsenal
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Why in News?

  • DRDO successfully flight tested the indigenously developed surface-to-surface tactical missile ‘Prahar’, from Launch Complex-III, ITR, Balasore.

Prahar Missile:

  • Prahar (“Strike”) is an Indian solid-fuel road-mobile tactical ballistic missile developed by DRDO.
  •  Prahar is expected to replace the Prithvi-I short-range ballistic missile in Indian service.
  • It is capable of filling the gap between the multi-barrel rocket system ‘Pinaka’ and medium-range ballistic missile ‘Prithvi’.
  • The missile is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, guidance and electromechanical actuation systems with advanced on board computer.
  •  It is a quick-reaction, all-weather, all-terrain, highly accurate battlefield support tactical weapon system.
  • The missile fills the short-range tactical battlefield missile role as required by the Indian Army to take out strategic and tactical targets.
  •  ‘Prahar’ is a contemporary weapon system capable of carrying multiple types of warheads and neutralizing a wide variety of targets.
  •  It can be launched from a road-mobile launch platform, which can carry six missiles at a time.
  • It can be fired in all directions from the launcher. It could be used for striking both tactical and strategic targets.
  •  The indigenously developed Prahaar missile is expected to further strengthen the defence capabilities of the Indian Army.
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