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IASGateAdmin | 11, May 2020

Prelim Snippets – 11.05.2020

1.Olive Ridley Turtles Why in News? Recently, the Mass hatching of Olive Ridley turtles has begun at Odisha’s Rushikulya rookery…

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IASGateAdmin | 08, May 2020

Prelim Snippets – 08.05.2020

1.Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Why in News? Recently, the number of treatments for non-Covid procedures by both…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Apr 2020

Prelim Snippets – 23.04.2020

1.e-Raktkosh Portal Why in News? The Union Health minister has recently urged the use of e-Raktkosh portal as a single…

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IASGateAdmin | 03, Apr 2020

Prelim Snippets- 03.04.2020

1.AarogyaSetu App Why in News? Recently, The Government of India launched a mobile app developed in public-private partnership to bring…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Mar 2020

Prelim Snippets- 23.03.2020

1. AYUSH Health and Wellness Centre (AYUSH HWC) Why in News? Recently, the Union Cabinet has approved the inclusion of…

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IASGateAdmin | 28, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 28.02.2020

1. Market Intelligence and Early Warning System (MIEWS) Portal Why in News? Recently, Union Minister of Food Processing Industries has…

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IASGateAdmin | 26, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 26.02.2020

1.International Judicial Conference Why in News? The President of India delivered the valedictory address at the International Judicial Conference being…

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IASGateAdmin | 25, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 25.02.2020

1.Structure of SARS-CoV-19 Key Protein Mapped Why in News? Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the National…

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IASGateAdmin | 20, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 20.02.2020

1. Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen) Why in News? The Cabinet has approved the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen)…

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IASGateAdmin | 30, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 30-10-2019

1.Specie in News: NelloptodesGretae NelloptodesGretae: Between 1964 and 1965, an entomologist called William Brock collected samples of soil from around…

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IASGateAdmin | 20, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 20-09-2019

1.Area 51: Why in News? On September 20, some two million people plan — or claim to plan — to…

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IASGateAdmin | 19, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 19-09-2019

1.Bio-Fencing Why in News? Uttarakhand government has decided to carry out bio-fencing to check man-animal conflict. According to officials leopards…

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IASGateAdmin | 16, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 16-09-2019

1.International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Context: Every year September 16 is marked as the International Day…

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IASGateAdmin | 07, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 07-09-2019

1.SLINEX 2019 Context: The annual Joint India, Sri Lanka maritime fleet exercise - SLINEX 2019 is scheduled to be held…

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IASGateAdmin | 22, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 22-08-2019

SARAL Context: Ministry of Power launched the State Rooftop Solar Attractiveness Index (SARAL) during the Review Planning and Monitoring (RPM)…

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IASGateAdmin | 21, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 21-08-2019

M-SAND Context:Tamil Nadu State Government has proposed to come up with a M-Sand policy About M-Sand: Manufactured sand (M-Sand) is…

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