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IASGateAdmin | 27, Apr 2020

Prelim Snippets – 27.04.2020

1.Credit Risk Funds Why in News? Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has recently decided to close its six credit risk funds.…

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IASGateAdmin | 22, Apr 2020

Prelim Snippets – 22.04.2020

1.Civil Services Day Why in News? Recently, the Civil Services Day is celebrated on April 21 by the Government of…

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IASGateAdmin | 24, Mar 2020

Prelim Snippets- 24.03.2020

1.Government Raises Excise Duty Cap on Fuel Why in News? The government has raised the cap on special additional excise…

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IASGateAdmin | 26, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 26.02.2020

1.International Judicial Conference Why in News? The President of India delivered the valedictory address at the International Judicial Conference being…

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IASGateAdmin | 19, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets – 19.02.2020

1.Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses Why in News? Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses has been renamed as Manohar…

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IASGateAdmin | 11, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 11.02.2020

1. Solar Orbiter to map Sun’s Poles Why in News? NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are gearing up…

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IASGateAdmin | 05, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 05.02.2020

1. YUVIKA Programme Why in News? The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched the "Young Scientist Programme 2020" for…

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IASGateAdmin | 24, Jan 2020

Prelim Snippets- 24.01.2020

1. Karwar Port Why in News? The High Court of Karnataka has recently directed the State government to stop all…

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IASGateAdmin | 25, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 25-12-2019

1. SDG India Index & Dashboard 2019–20 Why in news? NITI Aayog will launch the second edition of the Sustainable…

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IASGateAdmin | 07, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 07-12-2019

1. NEFT Why in News? The RBI has announced that the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) will be available round-the-clock…

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IASGateAdmin | 03, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 03-12-2019

1. Jeholbaatar kielanae Why in News? Researchers have unearthed well-preserved middle ear bones from a new species of an extinct…

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IASGateAdmin | 29, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 29-11-2019

1.NATO Why in News? The U.S. is about to cut its contribution to NATO’s operating budget and Germany is increasing…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 23-11-2019

1.Secretagogin (SCGN) Why in news? Scientists at the CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad have demonstrated the…

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