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IASGateAdmin | 05, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 05-10-2019

1.Goa Maritime Conclave Why in News? The Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC)-2019 was inaugurated by the National Security Advisor,Ajit Kumar Doval,…

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IASGateAdmin | 04, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 04-10-2019

1.World Animal Day Why in News? World Animal Day is internationally celebrated every year on 4 October to mark a…

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IASGateAdmin | 27, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 27-09-2019

1.Boiga thackerayi Why in News? A team of biodiversity researchers have discovered a new species of cat snake in Maharashtra’s…

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IASGateAdmin | 25, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 25-09-2019

1.New Species of Frog: Microhyla eos Why in News? A team of scientists from the University of Delhi and Zoological…

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IASGateAdmin | 19, Sep 2019


Why in News? The use of herbicide Paraquat killed around 170 people in the last two years in Odisha’s Burla…

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IASGateAdmin | 18, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 18-09-2019

1.Bhumisparsha Mudra: Why in News? A 12th-century bronze idol of Buddha in a Bhumisparsha Mudra which was stolen from Nalanda…

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IASGateAdmin | 16, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 16-09-2019

1.International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Context: Every year September 16 is marked as the International Day…

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IASGateAdmin | 11, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 11-09-2019

1.Cryodrakon Boreas Why in News? Paleontologists have identified a new reptile species, named it Cryodrakon boreas, and declared that it…

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IASGateAdmin | 09, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 09-09-2019

1.In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Why in News: Setting a record of sorts, a 74-year-old woman delivered twins after five decades…

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IASGateAdmin | 07, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 07-09-2019

1.SLINEX 2019 Context: The annual Joint India, Sri Lanka maritime fleet exercise - SLINEX 2019 is scheduled to be held…

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IASGateAdmin | 31, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 31-08-2019

1.Missile Ghaznavi Context: Pakistan has successfully carried out night-training launch of surface-to-surface ballistic missile 'Ghaznavi'. About Missile: The ballistic missile…

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IASGateAdmin | 30, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 30-08-2019

1.International Day Against Nuclear Tests Context: The International Day Against Nuclear Tests was observed on 29th August, 2019. About: The…

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IASGateAdmin | 28, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 28-08-2019

1. Sex Reassignment Surgery Context: Tamil Nadu has banned sex reassignment surgeries in children About: Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 23-08-2019

OP-BLUE FREEDOM Context: Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju and former India football captain Baichung Bhutia flagged off the Delhi leg of…

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IASGateAdmin | 03, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 03-08-2019

INSTITUTE OF EMINENCE Context: University Grants Commission (UGC) recommends 20 institutions for Institutes of Eminence The IITs Madras and Kharagpur,…

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