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Why in News:

  • A true strategic partnership remains elusive between India and the U.S.


  • The U.S.’s decision to not extend Iran sanctions waivers, including the one provided to India, has notable implications for India-
  • U.S. relations, given the importance of New
  • Delhi’s energy relationship with Tehran.
  • It comes on the heels of many other deleterious developments for bilateral ties including the U.S.’s decision to withdraw GSP benefits for Indian exports and the Trump administration’s discontent deepening over India’s policies on e-commerce, intellectual property rights and data localisation.
  • the non-security dimension of the relationship has long lagged behind the fast-growing defence side. India will scale up oil imports from other top producers; the GSP withdrawal will have minimal impact on India’s economy; the two capitals are working actively on high levels, most recently through the U.S.-India CEO Forum and the India-U.S. Commercial Dialogue, to ease tensions; and above all the strength of the bilateral relationship can easily withstand all these headaches.
  • India-U.S. relations extend well beyond security.
  • joint statements have dwelt on the potential for cooperation on initiatives ranging from clean energy to innovation. And despite the problems, bilateral trade in goods and services has increased over the last decade

India-USA: Five Pillars of Strategic Partnership

  • Strategic Issues
  • Energy and Climate
  • Change Science and Technology
  • Health and Innovation Education and Development

Why the United States matters to India?

  • America remains the critical stabilizing force in Asia through its military and diplomatic power projection and commitments to the region
  • India will be better able to protect its national interests in Pakistan and Afghanistan in coordination with the United States.
  • The United States has also remained one of the top sources of foreign direct investment in India, bringing important managerial expertise, capital, and technology with it to the dynamic Indian market.
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