Prelims level : Polity - Election and Electoral Reforms Mains level : Paper - II Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations
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Why is it in News?

  • The pre poll survey 2019, Lokniti reveals concerns over jobs and income in the country


  • The pre poll survey in 19 states between march 24 and 31, reflected the indications of an economic slowdown and farm distress across the country.


  • On the assessment of the state of the economy, 33% of the respondents rated it as “so-so” and 25% rated it as “bad,” while 34% termed it “good” or “very good.”


  • Unemployment has been reported by respondents as a key economic concern.
  • Job related anxiety was found to be greatest among the young and college educated voters. 47% of the respondents say it has become more difficult to find a job in their areas in the recent years. 51% say their household income is insufficient to fulfill the needs.

Farming related issues:

  • The survey finds that the issue of farmers’ distress, although very real, might not be much of an electoral issue as it does not seem to affecting the government’s popularity among the farming community. Moreover, when asked what would be the most important issue for them while voting, only about 6% reported specific farming-related issues as their most important problem. The rest of the farmers stated voting issues similar to the ones stated by non-farmers.

Pre poll survey:

  • The poll was conducted in a bid to gauge the mood of the nation before the upcoming general elections.

Election Commission of India:

For the conduct of free and fair elections an independent Election Commission has been provided for in Article 324.

Election commission of India is a permanent body entrusted for the following matters

  • Election of President, Election of Vice-President
  • Election of Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha Elections to State Legislatures as well as Legislative Councils
  • Reservation of Seats in Lok Sabha and State Legislatures
  • Qualifications of the MPs and MLAs
  • Determination of population for purposes of


  • The chief election commissioner or an election commissioner shall hold office for a term of 6 years or age of 65 years, whichever is The chief election commissioner and other commissioners are paid a salary equal to the salary of a judge of the Supreme Court.
  • On retirement the pensioners are paid a salary equal to the salary of a judge of the Supreme
  • All business of the election commission shall, as far as possible, be transacted If the chief election commissioner and other election commissioners differ in opinion on any matter, such matter shall be decided according to the opinion of the majority.
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