Trapped beetle may unlock pollination secrets

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  • Scientist have discovered & Beetle trapped in amber that date back to 99 million years which may help understand the relationship between ancient flowering plants and pollinators.


  • A Group of unusual evergreen gymnosperms, known as cycads, may have been the first insects, pollinated plants.
  • The Ancient boganiid beetle preserved in Burmese amber for an estimated 99 million years along with grains of cycad pollen.
  • The Insect found in amber throw light on their relationship with cycads.
  • Boganiid beetles have been ancient pollinators for cycads since the age of cycads & Dinosaurs.
  • The Study indicates a probable ancient origin of beetle pollination of cycads at least in the early long before angiosperm dominance and the radiation of flowering plant pollinators such as bees.
  • The analysis indicates the fossilized beetle belonged to a sister group of the Australian paracucujus.
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