U.K. to Test Immigration proposals in India

Prelims level : International Events/Policies/organizations Mains level : GS 2: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.
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  • The immigration plans aim to create a level-playing field for EU and non-EU workers, basing immigration opportunities on skills levels rather than which part of the world workers have come from.


  • The government has positioned the new planned immigration system as a positive one for partners such as India.
  • Among the changes proposed are the removals of the current annual cap on the number of Tier 2 visas for skilled workers, as well as the requirement that employers demonstrate that they attempted to fill the role domestically before bringing in a person from abroad (the resident labour market test)
  • The government will also allow international students six months after they graduate to find permanent skilled work and work temporarily during that period, while PhD graduates will have a whole year to do so
  • The government has also said it is to consult on the salary threshold for the skilled visas which has been the subject of much debate in the U.K.
  • These moves would immensely benefit Indian students and skilled workers looking for employment opportunities in the UK and also helps in strengthening India-UK relationship.
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