US Sanction’s On Iran

  • US has reimpose a wave of tough unilateral sanction’s against Iran back into effect the Penalties ranging from Sanctions in various sector’s
  • The First two rounds of sanction’s was implemented targeting Iran’s access to US banknotes and important industries of Transportation.
  • As a result, Iran currency Rial has lost its value less than half existed.


      • The Tussle started during the year 1953 when the democratically elected president of Iran Mohammed Mossadeq was ousted by an orchestrated American and British intelligence agencies, who sought to nationalise Iran’s Oil Industry.
      • After 26 Years there was a revolution in Iran which over throwed the purported president appointed by the US, Mohammed Reza Pahpevi, and was forced to leave the country.
      • During the year 1979-1981 there was an US Embassy hostage crisis. The Immediate cause of this action was president Jimmy Carter decision to allow Shah, a Pro-West autocrat from medical treatment in U.S., but the actual cause was to show the influence of the then religious leader Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini.
      • The Tussle further exacerbated when a passenger plane of Iran was shot by a US warship accidentally.
      • During 2002, the then President George Bush termed Iran as ‘Axis of Evil’ and accused Iran for building dangerous Nuclear weapon’s.
      • During 2013, President Rouhani’s called the then president Obama and after contemplation an US-Iran nuclear deal or P5+1 deal was successfully implemented.
      • Currently Donald Trump administration scrapped the deal.
      • India has her historic relationship with Iran.
      • India imports most of its oil and we have a strategic plan for Chabahar port.
      • By imposing sanctions with CAATSA Act, the investment in Chabahar port and oil import will be totally stalled.
      • But other countries even U.S.’s European Partner’s have condemned the Unilateral sanctions, if proceeded then the US administration has to impose sanctions for countries like China, Russia and even her European Counter parts.

      About CAATSA:

      • The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act is a United States federal law that imposed sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia.
      • The bill was designed to expand the punitive measures previously imposed by executive orders and convert them into law. The bill in the Senate incorporated the provisions of the Countering Russian Influence in Europe.
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