VOTSTOK – 2018

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  • Russia is holding week-long Military games which aims to show the military might of Russia and china and involves over 1000 aircraft and 36,000 tanks and combat vehicles.
  • The Exercise has surpassed even the Soviet’s biggest maneuvers.
  • Russia is asserting its status globally. China as a partner to even more assert that there is a power behind Russia and European union and NATO condemning it.
  • It Challenges the USA and Europe’s order of Unipolar world.

Russia’s Economy

  • From Oil to other natural gases its market depends upon the China which has a demand.
  • The Economic ties between two countries further strengthened when Russia annexed Cremia followed by sanctions from UN.
  • Moreover, China and US trade war has led to uncertainty in global Economy which has further strengthened the ties with China.

India’s Case

  • There is no need for India to tweak her policy.
  • The Global scenario china a regional power wants to challenge us as global power.
  • The Russia which lost its foot as a global power is trying to gain it back.

Facts about Vastok 2018

  • Largest exercise after ‘Zapad – 81’ held by the Soviet union in 1981. This Zapad involved about 100,000 to 150,000 troops and were the largest exercise held.
  • China and Mongolia have planned to participate with 32,000 drops, 900 land pieces and so aircraft.
  • The Troops will participate at Tsugol Training range in the Trans – Baikal Region
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