WAYU- Air Pollution mitigation device

Why in News?

  • Recently air pollution control device WAYU (Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit) for traffic junctions was inaugurated in Delhi today.

WAYU (Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit):

  • WAYU is developed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) as a part of Technology Development Project funded by Department of Science and Technology.
  • The device that has been indigenously developed has the capacity to purify air in an area of 500-meter square.
  • The device consumes only half a unit of electricity for 10 hours of running and has a maintenance cost of only Rs. 1500 per month.

Working of the Device:

  • The device works on two principles mainly Wind generation for dilution of air pollutants and Active Pollutants removal.
  • The device has filters for Particulate Matter removal and activated carbon (charcoal) and UV lamps for poisonous gases removal such as VOCs and Carbon Monoxide.
  • The device has one fan and filter for sucking and removing Particulate Matter.
  • There are two UV lamps and half kg of activated carbon charcoal coated with special chemical Titanium Dioxide.
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