What is exit poll? Difference between opinion and exit poll. Explain why in India election commission (EC) is opposed to media coverage of opiopn polls and exit polls during a multi-phase election?

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction (Explain the basic definition).
  • Difference between Exit and opinion poll
  • Why ECI is opposed to them during the period of ongoing elections?
  • Other practice during elections in the other countries.
  • Conclusion ( Say about decision by ECI and importance of freedom of speech)

Key points:

  • An opinion poll is a pre-election survey to gather voters’ views on a range of election-related issues.
  • An exit poll, on the other hand, is conducted immediately after people have voted, and assesses the support for political parties and their candidates.
  • Both kinds of polls can be controversial if the agency conducting them is perceived to be biased.
  • The projections of these surveys can be influenced by the choice, wording and timing of the questions, and by the nature of the sample drawn.
  • Political parties often allege that many opinions and exit polls are motivated and sponsored by their rivals, and could have a distorting effect on the choices voters make in a protracted election, rather than simply reflecting public sentiment or views.
  • How are they conducted?Exit poll is a post-voting pollwhich is conducted just after a voter walks out after casting his or her vote.
  • Such polls aim at predicting the actual result on the basis of the information collected from the voters. They are conducted by a number of organizations.
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