What is newly released SDG gender index? How does it signify for the Indian case?

Structure of answer:

  • • Introduction (Say the significance of the report).
  • • Who are involved in this and their purpose?
  • • Explain the Methodology.
  • • Rank of India in Index.
  • • Way forward.
  • • Conclusion.

Key points:

  • • A new index to measure global gender equality, was launched recently, it ranked India at 95th among 129 countries.
  • • The SDG Gender Index comes close on the heels of the gender gap index of the World Economic Forum where India was ranked 108th.
  • • The SDG Gender Index has been developed by Equal Measures 2030, a joint effort of regional and global organizations.
  • • A score of 100 reflects the achievement of gender equality in relation to the targets set for each indicator.
  • • India has been ranked at 95th among 129 countries.
  • • India’s highest goal scores are on health (79.9), hunger & nutrition (76.2), and energy (71.8). Its lowest goal scores are on partnerships (18.3, in the bottom 10 countries worldwide), industry, infrastructure and innovation (38.1), and climate (43.4).
  • • India was ranked 108th on the latest Gender Gap Index released by the World Economic Forum.
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