2+2 Dialogue

Present Day Scenario

  • In Recent Year’s Bilateral Relations between India and US have blossomed into a global strategic partnership that goes beyond just shared Democratic values.
  • All these Year’s the India and US Dialogue mechanism has largely been confined to trade and commerce, while defence and strategic affairs dominated the bilateral landscape.

What is 2+2 Dialogue

  • It is a dialogue between India and USA, something similar to India – japan Dialogue.
  • It is held between to significant ministries of Defence and External affairs.
  • It has replaced the then existing commercial dialogue between India and the US.
  • It is a significant platform to enhance US & India trade Relations which on the recent times is facing challenges.
  • It will also enhance the status of the US strategic Partner in Asia, that is India this to a new level.
  • There has been a major agreement signed between US and India, COMCASA.

What is COMCASA?

  • It stands for communications Compatibility and security agreement and is one of the four foundational agreements that U.S. signs with allies and close partner’s to facilitate interoperability between military and sale of high end technology.
  • It is an India Specific version of the communication and information on Security memorandum of agreement (CISMOA)
  • Once signed, it comes into force immediately and is valid for a brief period of 10 year’s.
  • COMCASA allows India to Procure, Transfer, Specialised Equipment for encrypted communications for US origin military like the P-813, C-130 and C-17.
  • The Agreement is flexible to safeguard our security and national interest as specific additional provisions can be incorporated


  • The Agreement will also enable greater communications interoperability between the militaries of India and the U.S.
  • Data acquired through such system cannot be disclosed of transferred to any person or entity without India’s Consent.

Agreement Signed Before:

  • India has signed the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) in 2002.
  • India has also signed Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) in 2016.
  • The Only Left out agreement is the Basic Exchange and co-operation agreement for Geo-spatial cooperation (BECA).

Significance of this Move:

  • This Kind of engagements would indirectly faster maritime security to counter ‘String of Pearls’ From China and to assert India’s sovereignty on Indian Ocean.
  • For the US this a good Platform to reduce her trade deficit with India Especially from importing Heavy Engineering goods.
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