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Do you want to be more prepared? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to IAS GATEWAYY, providing strategic contents, plans and guidance to help you accelerate your preparation for UPSC examinations. IAS GATEWAYY is a brain child of Mr. Manikandan IAS & Mr. Shunmugam, Director of Vetrii IAS Study Circle who together created this visionary portal to provide sufficient and effective content and comprehensive guidance to every UPSC aspirant across India. This portal will provide aspirants understand how strategic planning solve preparation challenges and put in place plans, confidence and new ways of thinking to help them accelerate their success.


Providing sufficient and effective content to every aspirant to succeed.


Eliminate inconsistency in competitive exams preparation through compassionate and quality content and guidance.


Dear Aspirants,

Congratulations for choosing to pursue civil services as a career.

You deserve respect because civil services does not offer you just another job; it provides a great opportunity to have the satisfaction of serving the country.

It is well-known that the Civil Services Examination, through its various stages, tests a candidate’s suitability on the basis of administrative and social traits required for the top-rank positions of Indian bureaucracy.
While the above qualities cannot be acquired overnight, a candidate, nevertheless, has to inculcate and acquire these qualities. During my civil services preparation stages, I have learnt that the requisite administrative traits, techniques and qualities can be acquired through scientifically designed resources, preparation strategy and guidance.

A comprehensive online portal like IASGATEWAYY.COM ensure that aspirants learn what is necessary, how to use the resources optimally, emphasizes on techniques and skill set development necessary to succeed in the civil services examination. All the best !!

– Mr. A. Manikandan, IAS

He is the Founder and Director of Vetrii IAS Study Circle who has rich experience in the field of Civil Services preparation for the past 16 years. He has appeared in 4 Main Examinations and had reached till the level of interview. His optional was Geography. Being very clear and strong in the fundamentals of geography, his classes will enable even the beginner to get a strong foundation in the subject. Under his guidance and direction more than 50 candidates have cleared the Civil Services Examination and got service successfully. He is the Editor of ‘Vetrii’s Current Affairs’, a monthy e-magazine for IAS Aspirants.

– Mr. M. Shunmugam, B.Tech

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