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IASGateAdmin | 04, Mar 2020

Prelim Snippets- 04.03.2020

1.Mission Purvodaya Why in news? A workshop on “Enabling Procedures for Increase of Steel Usage for the Growth of Economy”…

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IASGateAdmin | 02, Mar 2020

Prelim Snippets- 02.03.2020

1.Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Why in News? The Central government is planning to conduct a review on the monuments…

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IASGateAdmin | 19, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets – 19.02.2020

1.Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses Why in News? Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses has been renamed as Manohar…

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IASGateAdmin | 14, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 14.02.2020

1. The Future of EarthReport - 2020 Why in News? Recently, the South Asia Future Earth Regional Office, the Divecha…

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IASGateAdmin | 11, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 11.02.2020

1. Solar Orbiter to map Sun’s Poles Why in News? NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are gearing up…

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IASGateAdmin | 04, Feb 2020

Prelim Snippets- 04.02.2020

1. Flame-Throated Bulbul Why in News? Recently, the flame-throated bulbul has been chosen as the mascot of the 36th National…

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IASGateAdmin | 29, Jan 2020

Prelim Snippets – 29.01.2020

1.Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) Why in News? Recently, ISF has asked the government to make labour codes a reality and…

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IASGateAdmin | 04, Jan 2020

Prelims Snippets – 04-01-2020

1. Patola Saree Why in News? In a Historic Initiative taken by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), a silk…

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IASGateAdmin | 09, Dec 2019


Why in News? In a response to RTI, Lokpal stated that several key provisions needed for it has not yet…

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IASGateAdmin | 09, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 09-12-2019

1. Asian Elephant Specialist Group’s (AsESG) Recently Asian Elephant Specialist Group’s (AsESG) 10th meeting commenced in Malaysia in December. About:…

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IASGateAdmin | 05, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 05-12-2019

1.India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre Why in News? India and Sweden sign Memorandum for India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre. Highlights: The India-Sweden…

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IASGateAdmin | 02, Dec 2019

Prelim Snippets 02-12-2019

1.Hornbill Festival Why in News? The 20th Edition of Hornbill Festival began at Naga Heritage Kisama in Nagaland recently. About:…

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IASGateAdmin | 16, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 16-11-2019

1. A Massive Earthquake in Indonesia Why in News? A strong 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of North Maluku…

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IASGateAdmin | 14, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 14-11-2019

1.CPI Inflation Why in News? Retail inflation rose to a sixteen-month high of 4.62 per cent in October due to…

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IASGateAdmin | 21, Oct 2019


Why in News? The Bill seeks to control the use and application of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) technology for establishing…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 23-09-2019

1.Tobacco Board of India Why in News? The Executive Director of the Tobacco Board of India cancelled her appearance at…

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IASGateAdmin | 16, Aug 2019


Why in News? Shri Injeti Srinivas, Secretary (Corporate Affairs) presented the Report of the Competition Law Review Committee Highlights: The…

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IASGateAdmin | 30, Jul 2019


Context- Doctors and medical students under the Indian Medical Association (IMA) held a protest march Why National Medical Commission Bill?…

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