750th birth anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desikan

  • Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu unveiled a postage stamp to commemorate the 750th birth anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desikan in New Delhi on May 2, 2019.


  • Sri Vedanta Desikan (1268–1369), born in present day Tamil Nadu is also known as Swami Desika, Swami Vedanta Desika, Thoopul Nigamaantha Desikan.
  • He was a multi-faceted personality – a spiritual teacher, a scientist, a logician, a mathematician, a literary genius, a linguist, a military strategist and much more. He was conferred the title of ‘Sarva-tantra-svatantra’ or master of all arts and crafts.
  • He was one of the prominent philosopher in the in the Srivaishnava tradition in post-Ramanuja period.
  • One of the essential features of his philosophy was the aspect of inclusion. Anyone, irrespective of caste and creed could join the Sri Vaishnava fold.
  • The stamp was released by the Indian postal department to commemorate the great philosopher’s life and highly valued works.
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