Affiliation signed between AR and ICG

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  • The Director Generals of Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard (ICG) signed an Affiliation Charter between 3rd (Naga Hills) Battalion of Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard Ship ‘Shaurya’.
  • Assam Rifles have 46 Battalions manning the Indo-Myanmar border.ICG, with 142 ships & 62 aircraft is one of the youngest Armed Force under Ministry of Defence.


  • The training will involve the exchange of information and personnel of the two Forces and building camaraderie.
  • The two will work together in humanitarian missions and other areas.
  • A combat battalion of Assam Rifles will soon be training onboard ICGS Shaurya (16), an offshore patrol vessel in Chennai.
  • In due course of time, arrangements will be made for the exchange of personnel including those with an understanding of Land Border Management (LBM) with Assam Rifles battalions.
  • Over-Seas Deployment (OSD) of AR personnel on board an ICG ship, bilateral meetings between the two forces, and participation of experts from both sides in such meetings.


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