Bangladesh stopped Visas for Pakistanis

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  • The Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad has stopped issuing visas to Pakistani nationals for one week.
  • This is a mark of protest as a Bangladeshi diplomat’s visa-extension application has not
  • been cleared by the Pakistan government for the last four months.
  • In 2018, Dhaka denied a visa to the Pakistan High Commissioner.


  • Bangladesh has reportedly refused to accept the ‘agreement’ from Islamabad for the appointment of a new high commissioner.
  • Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs named Saqlain Syedah as its new High Commissioner to Bangladesh, but Dhaka refused to accept the “agreement”, a diplomatic requirement under which a host country has to confirm the appointment of an incoming envoy.
  • Bangladesh, which seceded from Pakistan in 1971, has accused Pakistan of financing terrorism on its soil. Bilateral ties have become so strained. Now it has halted granting visas to all Pakistanis
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