Constitutional Status For NCBC

Constitutional amendment bill (123rd Amendment) passed by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to give constitutional status to National commission for Backward classes (NCBC)


  • Constituted Under National Commission for Backward classes act, 1993 was a statutory body to either include or exclude of groups in list of backward classes.
  • It was criticised by various political scientist for being toothless and her recommendations are not mandatory in nature.

Way Ahead:

  • This Gives power to NCBC on par with National Commission for SC’s Which earlier handled the grievances related to other backward classes and Anglo – Indian’s to NCBC.
  • It will investigate and monitor regarding the safeguard for OBC’s Listed in Constitution and makes recommendation for their upliftment.
  • It will be bestowed with the power of a civil court.


  • 1 Chairman to be former Judge of High court or supreme court.
  • 1 social scientist
  • 2 Person’s with eminent knowledge of OBC’s in our country
  • 1 Member secretary equal to the rank of secretary in the Government.
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