1. Consider the following statements:

  1. Article 21 of the Constitution of India guarantees a fundamental right to life & personal liberty. 
  2. The right to health is inherent to a life with dignity.
  3. Part IV of the Constitution directly or indirectly relates to public policy in terms of health. 

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


2. With reference to the differences between the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), consider the following statements:

  1. The NGT has been established by an Act whereas the CPCB has been created by an executive order of the Government.
  2. The NGT provides environmental justice and helps reduce the burden of litigation in the higher courts whereas the CPCB promotes cleanliness of streams and wells, and aims to improve the quality of air in the country.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


3. The Ten Degree Channel separates which of the following?


4. With respect to the Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT), consider the following statements:

  1. BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) is a public-private partnership (PPP) project model in which a private organization conducts a large development project under contract to a public-sector partner, such as a government agency.
  2. The public-sector partner may provide limited funding or some other benefit (such as tax exempt status) and the private-sector partner assumes the risks associated with planning, constructing, operating and maintaining the project without any specified time period.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


5. Consider the following statements with regard to RBI’s monetary policy: 

  1. In May 2015, the RBI Act was amended to provide a legislative mandate to the central bank to operate the country’s monetary policy framework.
  2. The decision of the Monetary Policy Committee shall be binding on the Bank.
  3. Section 45ZB of the act says the MPC shall consist of 5 members.

Choose the correct code:


6. Consider the following statements with regard to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act:

  1. The Act prohibits the receipt of foreign funds by candidates for elections, journalists or newspaper and media broadcast companies, judges and government servants, members of legislature and political parties or their office-bearers, and organisations of a political nature.
  2. Once the registration of an NGO is cancelled, it is not eligible for re-registration for five years.
  3. The applicant should also not have been prosecuted for or convicted of creating communal tension or disharmony.

Choose the correct code:


7. With reference to land reforms in independent India, which one of the following statements is correct? 



8. Consider the following with regard to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC):

  1. It was signed In 1992 at the Earth Summit.
  2. It is the parent treaty of the Kyoto Protocol.

Select the correct answer from the code given below:


9. With regard the BioLinux model, consider the following:

  1. It is an open-source model that was proposed in 2002 by scientists for seeds and plant varieties.
  2. It is software whose source code is made available to the public for anyone to view, modify, and distribute under an open-source license.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


10. In context to the Stand-up India scheme, consider the following:

  1. Stand-up India scheme provides loans to all the entrepreneurs who are above 18 years of age.
  2. Loans under the scheme are available for only Brownfield projects.

Which of the statements given above is/are Incorrect?


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