Daily Current Affairs Quiz 08-07-2019

1. Consider the following statements with reference to Core Investment Companies:

  • 1. These are specialized Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).
  • 2. These companies can carry all financial activities referred to in RBI Act, 1934 but not accepts public funds.
  • 3. Their main business is acquisition of shares and securities with certain conditions.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


2. Consider the following statements with reference to Kisan Credit Card scheme:

  • 1. It aims to fulfil the financial requirements of the farmers at various stages of farming through institutional credit.
  • 2. Government of India has extended the facility of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers
  • 3. The scheme is being implemented by all Co-operative banks, Regional Rural Banks and Public Sector Banks throughout the country.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


3. The State of the Education Report for India 2019: Children with Disabilities being published by:


4. The MOSAiC mission recently seen in news is related to:


5. What is the difference between “vote-on-account” and “interim budget”?

  • 1. The provision of a “vote-on-account” is used by a regular Government, while an “interim budget” is a provision used by a caretaker Government.
  • 2. A “vote-on-account” only deals with the expenditure in Government’s budget, while an “interim budget” includes both expenditure and receipts.

Which of the statements; given above is/are correct?


6. The authorization for the withdrawal of funds from the- Consolidated Fund of India must come from:


7. The people of India agitated against the arrival of Simon Commission because


8. Consider the following statements:

  • 1. The UAE is India’s third-largest trade partner and fourth largest energy supplier.
  • 2. India was designated as the Guest of Honour country at Abu Dhabi Music and Art festival 2018.

Which of the above statements are correct?


9. Which of the following is/are UNESCO Site?

  • 1. Elephanta caves, Maharashtra
  • 2. Great Living Chola Temples, Tamil Nadu
  • 3. Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh

Select the correct answer from the following codes


10. The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee is constituted under the


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