Daily Current Affairs Quiz 16-06-2019

1. Which among the following countries have access to theDoka La plateau in the Greater Himalayas?

  • 1. China
  • 2. India
  • 3. Nepal
  • 4. Bhutan

Choose the correct option from the following


2. Mangdechchu Hydropower project has been initiatedby India in which country?


3. Which among the following pairs are matchedcorrectly?


4. Identify the correct statement?


5. Consider the following statements about G20

  • 1. It has been formed as part of global initiative under the UNFCCC.
  • 2. India has never hosted a G20 summit since its formation.
  • 3. It had adopted Action Plan on Marine Litter in 2017.
  • 4. India is a member of the G20 grouping.

Which of the statements are true with respect to the UnitedNations Convention on Law of the Sea?


6. Krishna River flows through which of the following States?

  • 1. Maharashtra
  • 2. Goa
  • 3. Telangana
  • 4. Andhra Pradesh

Select correct option:


7. Consider the following statements about Leader of Opposition(LoP)

  • 1. Detailed provisions regarding LoP is laid down in the Constitution of India
  • 2. In the Lok Sabha, if a party does not have a minimum of 55 members, its leader cannot be recognised as the Leader of the Opposition

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


8. ‘European Stability Mechanismʼ sometimes seen in the news, is an


9. The Strait of Hormuz also called the worldʼs most important oilartery, specifically separates the countries of:


10. The Union Government has approved setting up of e-ForeignerTribunal in which state?


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