Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23-07-2019

1. Consider the following the statements:

  • 1. Global Innovation Index (GII) is launched byMinistry of Science and Technology
  • 2. The GII has been jointly developed by Cornell University, Paris-based business school Insead and WIPO

Which of the statements given above is/are incorrect regarding Global Innovation Index?


2. Dracaena Cambodiana, recently seen in news refers to:


3. With reference to UKEIRI Mobility Program, consider the following statements:

  • 1. It is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resources Development along with Government of United Kingdom.
  • 2. The main objective is to fund undergraduate students from India to visit UK universities.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


4. Consider the following statements about Chandra Sekhar Azad:

  • 1. He reorganised the Hindustan Republican Association under its new name of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (HSRA)
  • 2. He was involved in the Kakori Train Robbery of 1925.
  • 3. He was tried in Lahore conspiracy case and was hanged.

Which of the statements is/are incorrect?


5. Consider the following statements regarding Chrysomallon squamiferum,

  • 1. It is a rare snail species spotted in the Arabian Sea near Madagascar.
  • 2. It is categorised as Critically Endangered in IUCN Red list.
  • 3. It is updated in IUCN list due to habitat destruction by Marine vessels

Which of the statements give above is/are incorrect?


6. Consider the following statements regarding Eravikulam National park:

  • 1. It is a part of Niligiri Biosphere Reserve.
  • 2. Neelakurunji, a plant endemic to Western Ghats is found in this park.
  • 3. The sanctuary is home to Nilgiri Thar, an endangered species.
  • 4. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Which of the statements give above is/are correct?


7. Consider the following statements:

  • 1. He is one of the first and strongest advocates of Swaraj.
  • 2. He founded Deccan Education Society in 1884.
  • 3. He was called as “the father of Indian Unrest”.

The above statements describe which of the following Indian National Leader?


8. The National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 was enacted in consonance with which of the following provisions of the Constitution of India?

  • 1. Right to healthy environment, constructed as a part of Right to life under Article 21.
  • 2. Provision of grants for raising the level of administration in the Scheduled Areas for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes under Article 275(1).
  • 3. Powers and functions of Gram Sabha as mentioned under Article 243(A).

Select the correct answer using the codes given below


9. The writ of mandamus is available for the purpose of:

  • 1. enforcement of Fundamental Rights.
  • 2. compelling a Court or Judicial Tribunal to exercise its jurisdiction when it has refused to exercise it.
  • 3. directing a public official or the government not to enforce a law which is unconstitutional.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below


10. Which amongst the following provided a common factor for tribal insurrection in India in the 19th century?


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