what do you understand nyy’values’ and ‘ethics’?in what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally copetent?

(Civil Services Examination 2013)

  • Values are those elements of life which we hold as important or desirable.values are individualistic in nature,they are the result of individual attitude annd perception,e.g a doctor Is gainst the treatment of a terrorist,this is his value.values serve as broad guidelines for action in every situation.
  • Ethics on the other hand is the science of conduct.ethics investigates the best way for humans to live and what actions are right or wrong in a particular is a normative science, as it concerned  with norms and standards.
  • Being professionally competent involves being ethical as is not possible to be competent without being ethical.however,some results might be achieved through unethical actions,but in the long term hurt the organisation as  well as the individual and thus the person will turn out to be not competent.

it is often said that’politics’ and ‘ethics’ do not go together.what is your opinion in this regard?justify your answer with illustration .

(Civil Services Examination 2013)

The modern day politics ebdeavour to acieve public good at any cost.clearly,the emphasis here is more on ends rather than on means.ethics in contrast,aims at moral excellence of an individual.means here assume equal inportance as the end. 

The good advocate by moralist I suniverslly good against public put forward by this extent.Ethics,in contrast,aims at moral excellence of an individual.means here assume equal importance as the end.

The good advocate  by moralist is universaly good against public good put forward by this extent,ethics stands at higher pedestal than modern societies across the worls,political laws  are based on lateral will of the people rather being grounded in ethical is widely acknowledged that ethics is based on truth as politics relies on interests and benefits.

It is also believed that any political activity will lead to ethical hostility and will trample upon morality.politics,thus,can be seen as an effort for obtainment,expanssion and preservation of power.this can be only realised by sacrificing the principle of ethics.conclusively,it can be said that,among the two,either ethics or politics could be choosen.both cannot go hand in hand.

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