Examine the relevance of Probity and Integrity to civil services. Justify your answer using a suitable case study.

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction (What it relevance and significance to civil service).
  • What is probity in ethics?
  • What is integrity?
  • Importance of probity and integrity in ethics.
  • Case study.
  • Conclusion.

Key points:

  • Probity is the evidence of ethical behaviour in a particular process.
  • For Government employees and agencies, maintaining probity involves more than simply avoiding corrupt or dishonest conduct.
  • It involves applying public sector values such as impartiality, accountability and transparency.
  • Integrity is following strong moral principles while Probity of having strong moral principle.
  • Why it is important? It requires that Boards act ethically, impartially, honestly and with fairness.
  • It has been defined by intellectuals that Probity is the indication of ethical behaviour in a particular process.
  • The term probity entails integrity, uprightness and honesty.
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