Explain about India’s core foreign policy goals and origin of QUAD. How does the reflectionof multi polar foreign policy works?

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction (say about QUAD).
  • Significance of QUAD vs India’s multi polar foreign policy.
  • How QUAD membership reinforces India’s policy?
  • Way forward.
  • Conclusion.

Key points:

  • India is geopolitically placed in a hostile neighborhood, concentrating three nuclear powers i.e India, China and Pakistan.
  • Also China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which has neocolonialist underpinnings mandates that India must go for strategic balancing
  • Both these factors and shifting geopolitical dimensions paves way for QUAD dialogue.
  • QUAD is a group of four countries i.e. India, the US, Australia and Japan that started as a strategic dialogue in 2007 to check the growth of Chinese power in Indo-Pacific.
  • The QUAD initiative is group of four largest and powerful democracies in the world which values democratic, peaceful, rule based international order.
  • India held that the Quad was more about sharing democratic experiences than a security arrangement directed at China.
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