FBI Chief Tells us Congress that China Poses Bigger Security Threat Than Russia

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Why in News:

  • China came under renewed criticism by US government officials and lawmakers on a range of issues, including charges of human rights violations against Chinese dissidents and minority groups and being a threat to US


  • FBI Director Chris Wray says Russia still poses a significant counterintelligence threat to the
  • S. and continues to use social media campaigns to try and influence American politics. They use social media to try and spin us up and pit us against each other and to undermine Americans faith in democracy, Wray said at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. Wray said Russia used those tactics in the 2018 midterms but that his agency saw “no material impact on election infrastructure or campaign infrastructure” during the election.
  • Beyond the threats Russia poses to American elections, Wray said, the FBI was increasingly focused on the threats posed by China, especially in regard to its attempts to get its hands- on American technology and
  • “No country poses a broader threat …. than China,” Wray said.

Cyber Security Issues in India:

  • Emerging technologies and waves of digitisation have brought in their wake new challenges and exposed organisations to new
  • It is estimated that cyber-attacks cost companies an estimated $500 billion in damages every year. The primary concern facing organisations is that security breaches to technology and physical infrastructure could lead to data loss, financial losses, regulatory sanctions, reputational damage, operational disturbances, among other
  • Increasing global interconnectedness and the complexity of systems make large-scale cyber- attacks on financial market infrastructure even more pertinent and threaten the stability of financial

What measures are planned to address such issues?

  • The strategies adopted for cyber risk management currently focus on reducing the risk of a cyber-attack and minimising the impact of a
  • There are also plans for building resilience, that is, detecting and recovering quickly from the impact of a breach. Globally, organisations are investing in developing a comprehensive set of cyber risk management capabilities that cover the entire value chain and ensure the risk is efficiently managed across the

What measures were taken by government in this regard?

  • Indian regulators have focused on cyber security as a core concern for several years now. Securities market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, issued guidelines on cyber security and cyber resilience to market infrastructure providers in 2015 and developed guidelines for registrars in 2017.
  • In 2016, the RBI released a comprehensive set of requirements for internal cyber security frameworks. The government has also undertaken initiatives including the Information Technology Act, It has set up the nodal cyber security agency, CERT-In, to respond to computer security incidents.
  • The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre, is the central agency to facilitate safe, secure and resilient information infrastructure for critical sectors of the economy.
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