Hakki Pikki Tribe

Why in News?

  • Recently, More than 181 members of the Hakki Pikki tribal community from Karnataka are stuck in violence-hit Sudan.


  • The Hakki Pikki tribe is a semi-nomadic tribe traditionally engaged in bird catching and hunting, living in forest areas in west and south India.
  • It Is a Scheduled Tribe in Karnataka and their origin is said to be an ancestral relation with the legendary Ranapratap Singh.
  • The Hakki Pikki tribe Is believed to have originated from Gujarat and Rajasthan and migrated to south India via Andhra Pradesh.
  • The tribe is divided into four clans and has a population of 11,892 in Karnataka.
  • The 4 clans are Gujaratia, Panwar, Kaliwala and Mewaras and can be equated with castes in the traditional Hindu society.
  • The usual age of marriage among the tribe is 18 for women and 22 for men, and cross-cousin marriages are preferred.
  • The society is matriarchal, and Monogamy is the norm.
  • Hakki Pikkis in Karnataka follow Hindu traditions and celebrate all Hindu festivals.
  • Education levels among the Hakki Pikkis are still low.
  • Members of the Hakki Pikki tribe have been travelling to African countries to sell their products as there is a huge demand for Ayurvedic products in the continent.
  • African countries offer better market opportunities, with the potential for higher returns on investment in raw materials such as hibiscus powder, oil extraction, gooseberry, Ayurvedic plants, etc.
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