Prelims level : International relations Mains level : Paper III International relations
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Why in news:

  • The ruling party losses in local polls are a personal setback for president Erdogan.

India Turkey Relations on global issues:

  • On global issues, India was non-aligned and Turkey, a member of the Western Cold War alliances.
  • On regional issues, Turkey tilted to Pakistan on the Kashmir question, and India moved
  • closer to Nicosia in Turkey’s dispute with Cyprus.

On combating terrorism:

  • Both the countries are determined to combat terrorism in any form. They stressed on the issue of global terrorism and mutually agreed upon in fighting terrorism and also agreed to strengthen cooperation in an effective manner in dealing with the menace both bilaterally and at multilateral fora.

On United nations reforms:

  • Both the leaders of the country emphasised on the need for comprehensive reform of the United Nations including expansion of its Security Council to make the body more representative, accountable and effective.

On business relations:

  • India-Turkey bilateral trade has increased significantly in the last one and a half decade. The major Indian exports to Turkey include medium oils and fuels, man-made filaments and staple fibres, automotive spare parts and accessories and organic chemicals.
  • Turkey’s exports to India are poppy seeds, machinery and mechanical appliances, iron and steel articles, inorganic chemicals, pearls and precious stones and metals and marble.
  • Erdogan also showed his keen interest in the free trade with India and the two leaders of both the countries resolved to expand trade ties and decided to encourage business efforts to accomplish a level of at least $10 billion of bilateral trade by 2020.
  • On the current status of bilateral trade between the two countries, Erdogen said that the turnover of around $6 billion in bilateral trade is not justified for the convergences of both the economies.
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