Internet Addiction

  • The Internet Addiction is not addiction on whole, whereas addiction to a particular activity and using in an unhealthy way i.e., excess chatting, games, browsing, etc.
  • This brings us back to a debate of whether internet is good or bad, or boon or bane.

The Present Day Scenario:

  • India being a developing country with her youth population digitally educated and government constantly promoting ‘Digital India’.
  • This means that the internet penetration in India is going to increase many fold and related business going to blossom.
  • At the same time people are using internet in our country at an average time of 200 Minutes which means an average person spends 11 year’s his life time on internet.

The Susceptible age group:

  • The youngsters and the Professional’s from age group 16-24 years are most affected.
  • There are extreme cases of children not going to school to watch and play games.
  • Moreover, the advertising which attracts the audience is repeatedly portrayed in every single page of circle makes us spend more time or Internet.

WHO Stance:

  • The WHO has classified such addiction as Pomophobia, Nomophobia internet gaming disorder which means these things are officially recognised as Syndrome.
  • There are some other names but not officially recognised are Facebook Addiction disorder, Phantom Vibration disorder which means one feels vibration like feel even through he / She do not have phone.

Are Industrial Giants Responsible:

  • To Some extent yes, they make huge profit out of internet.
  • There are solution to internet addiction in internet itself, but these pages are either showed in 18th or 20th in the search page.

How to Tackle:

  • By Opening more deaddiction centre’s will work.
  • Community support for example: Japan gives a discount of 20% if you don’t use smart phones.
  • To were a wrist watch, so that you don’t use smart phones and use alarm clock instead of phone can minimise using smartphone.
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