ISRO Set to Launch its Tv Channel

Prelims level : Science & Technology Mains level : Paper – III Awareness in the field of Space
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India will soon launch a dedicated space and science television channel to make their benefits reach people across the country


  • The channel will telecast science programmes and highlight the benefits of the space agency’s missions in regional languages as well as English, so that it reaches people across the country. This makes people aware of the benefits of the space programme.
  • The space agency also aims to develop scientific temper among India’s children and youth through this channel.

Capacity Building:

  • ISRO will also be setting up a module for students from Classes 8-10 to be trained at the space agency for a month.
  • In order to inculcate scientific temper among students, ISRO officials will mentor them for 25-30 days and allow them to visit ISRO’s labs and launch facilities.
  • The students will be allowed to make their own small satellites at the end of the programme.
  • ISRO will also be opening up its spaceport at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh to public.
  • The Indian public will soon be able to pay visits to the launch facility at Sriharikota on the lines of American space agency NASA.
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