Management Of Ground Water

Why in News?

  • CGWB has been entrusted with the responsibilities of developing & disseminating
    technologies, monitoring national policies for the scientific and sustainable development
    and management of India’s ground water resources.


  • It periodically takes up various studies which include ground water management studies, exploratory drilling programmes, monitoring ground water level and water quality through a network of ground water observation wells etc.
  • The result collected is shared with the concerned States for taking up suitable ground water specific interventions.

National Aquifer Mapping and Management Programme (NAQUIM):

  • The NAQUIM is an initiative of the Ministry of Water Resources for mapping and managing the entire aquifer systems in the country.
  • It maintains the Hydrological Map of India.
  • It was initiated as a part of the Ground Water Management and Regulation scheme to delineate and characterize the aquifers to develop plans for ground water management.


  • It aims:
  • to identify and map aquifers at the micro level,
  • to quantify the available groundwater resources, and
  • to propose plans appropriate to the scale of demand and aquifer characteristics, and institutional arrangements for participatory management
  • The AQUIM project is implemented in six selected areas in different hydrogeological environs of the country as shown below:
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