Nuclear-Capable Agni-V Successfully Test-Fired Off Odisha

Prelims level : Defense Mains level : GS3: Internal Security
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  • India successfully test-fired nuclear-capable long-range ballistic missile Agni-V. The missile was launched from a canister on a road mobile-launcher from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha.


  • This is the third successful launch of Agni-V this year and the fifth launch of the missile in a canisterised form
  • The mission critical avionics were indigenously designed and developed by Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad
  • All the mission objectives were successfully achieved. This launch comes after a series of successful launches of the missile. It further strengthens the country’s deterrence capability, which has been developed indigenously by assiduous efforts of scientists

About Agni V:

  • Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with a strike range of over 5,000 km and can reach most parts of China.
  • It is three-stage solid propellant nuclear-capable missile
  • It is a surface-to-surface missile. Capable of carrying nuclear warheads of over one tonne
  • It carries Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV) payloads. A single MIRV equipped missile that can deliver multiple warheads at different targets.
  • It is also a fire and forget missile, which once fired cannot be stopped, except by interceptor missile which only US, Russia and Israel have.
  • The missile has been designed to hit the designated target point accurately, guided by the on-board computer with the support of a Ring Laser Gyro-based Inertial Navigation System, the Micro Inertial Navigation System, fully-digital control system and advanced compact avionics.
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