Parole and Furlough

Why in News?

  • Supreme Court of India has recently ruled that the period of parole granted to convicts during the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent overcrowding in prisons and avoid the risk of spread of infection, cannot be counted as part of their actual sentence period.


  • It is a system of releasing a prisoner with suspension of the sentence.
  • The release is conditional, usually subject to behavior, and requires periodic reporting to the authorities for a set period of time
  • Parole is not a right, and is given to a prisoner for a specific reason, such as a death in the family or a wedding of a blood relative
  • It may be denied to a prisoner even when he makes out a sufficient case, if the competent authority is satisfied that releasing the convict would not be in the interest of society.
  • It Is similar to parole, but with some significant differences. It is given in cases of long-term imprisonment.
  • The period of furlough granted to a prisoner is treated as remission of his sentence.
  • Unlike parole, furlough is seen as a matter of right for a prisoner, to be granted periodically irrespective of any reason, and merely to enable the prisoner to retain family and social ties, and to counter the ill-effects of prolonged time spent in prison.
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