Political Parties

Why in News?

  • A state party has recently asked the Election Commission of India (ECI) not to derecognise the party in Andhra Pradesh


  • Derecognition refers to the withdrawal of recognition of a political party by the ECI.
  • Such parties are simply declared as registered-unrecognized parties.
  • The ECI has the power to derecognize a political party if it violates the provisions of the Indian Constitution or the Representation of the People Act, 1951.
  • If the party fails to secure at least 6% of the total votes polled in the general election to the LS or the legislative assembly of the state concerned, and if it fails to have at least 4 MPs elected in the last LS polls (also, it doesn’t win 1 seat in the LS from the same state.); or
  • If it has won at least 2% of the total seats in the LS from at least 3 states.
  • If it fails to secure 8% of the total valid votes polled in the state at a General Election to the LS from the state or to the State LA.
  • If the party fails to submit its audited accounts to the ECI on time.
  • If the party fails to hold its organizational elections on time.
  • Deregistration refers to the cancellation of the registration of a political party. However, the ECI is not empowered to de-register parties.
  • Once a political party is deregistered, it cannot contest elections.
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