Prelims Practice Questions 23-05-2019 (Test 1)

1. 1. Consider the following statements.
1)Olive Ridley turtle is classified as ‘critically endangered’ in IUCN status.
2)It is found in tropical and warm waters of Pacific and Indian Ocean.
3)Anarribada is a unique nesting phenomenon common to both the Olive ridley and the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.
Select the correct answer from the following codes.


2. OliveRidleys Turtles are naturally found in India in
1)Andhra Pradesh coast
2)Odisha coast
3)Maharashtra coast
Select the correct answer using the codes below.


3. consider the following
1) Echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters, are unique egg-laying mammals found only in Australia and New Guinea.
2) It is listed as ‘endangeredin IUCN classification.
Select the correct statements


4. which separates Andaman and nicobar islands?


5. Which of the following is the aboriginal tribe who is considered as the most isolated Palaeolithic tribes of the world?


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